The TENDER ARIMAR TOP LINE L280 is an elegant semi-rigid inflatable boat with deep V-hull, characterized by its superior nautical qualities.

It is suitable for all boats, they can be driven with a bar guide. It is light and resistant, This line is ideal as it offers comfort and fun with total safety. It is the perfect adventure companion for leisure and coastal excursions.

Specifications of TENDER ARIMAR TOP LINE L280

  • White gray color
  • Capacity for 4 People
  • Overall dimensions L 280 x W 164 x 68 cm
  • Weight 55 kg
  • Maximum power 10 hp in short
  • V-shaped Polyester Floor
  • V-shaped polyester helmet shell
  • Cameras / Diameter 3/40 cm
  • Polyvinyl chloride fabric
  • Length: 3.6 m
  • Beam: 1.70 m


  • The elegance and lightness of aluminum, combined with the advantages of technology. Equipped with an aluminum floor, it can be disassembled and folded by removing the panels.
  • It is equipped with an inflatable keel, which allows easy disassembly, and a special table for inflatable high rigidity exercises that ensure a very comfortable bearing plane along with an easy stowage.
  • TENDER ARIMAR TOPLINE L280 is unique because it combines the advantages of lightness and practicality of models that can be disassembled, with the comfort and safety of semi-rigid devices.
  • The floor is formed by a rigid fiberglass structure that is agile and light,
  • It is ideal for sailors who want to streamline spaces on board.
  • It is equipped with wide inflation tubes and a floor made of a synthetic material that is hardened by ribs; They can be rolled easily and quickly.
  • It can be easily stored and transported in a practical bag.

Maintenance of TENDER ARIMAR TOP LINE L280

The correct condition of the pipe ends must be verified, since it is essential to protect that area from sharp or sharp objects. Take special care with transport on board anchors, knives, fishing hooks and other objects that could puncture the skin of the boat. It is also recommended to be careful with possible sharp projections or screws when mooring to a spring. Avoid dragging the heavily loaded boat on a sandy or stone beach.
Common objects such as oars, ropes, buckets, etc. they can cause abrasion and deterioration of the material if they remain scraping the fabric for an extended period of time, due to the vibrations of the navigation and transport in trailer. It is very important to take the pneumatic boat out of the water after each use (especially at sea). Its permanence in the water accelerates the deterioration of the fabric, since it does not have special protective paints.









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